Our Enterprise grade hosted platform is highly secure and reliable since it’s split across several of Botswana’s premium data centres, mitigating risk;

Improved cost efficiency thanks to our predictable annual fees which cover licensing costs and server upgrades;

Anywhere, anytime access using any device as long as there’s an internet connection – essential for an increasingly mobile or remote workforce

One supplier with expertise including all software and IT requirements;

Increased support, performance and maintenance with Replic8’s expertise in building, maintaining and hosting software;

Database management carried out by dedicated Microsoft SQL Administrators;

Only the best technology with providers including Microsoft, Acronis, VMWare, and Veeam, providing a solid foundation for your business;

You allocate resources to suit your business. We lay the foundations so you can scale up or down as required, giving you your cloud, your way;

Expert help - our exceptional support team consists of highly skilled technical engineers;

You obtain world-class IT infrastructure with the latest cutting technology from Replic8;

Security is our top priority, giving you peace of mind.